Sunday, May 22, 2011

Update on the Birds

Well, I got my computer back, thank goodness!!!! :) I will start posting the ideas I've had while the computer was sick...

But i wanted to get you the bird updates.. they have left the nest. The last one flew away on Friday. I can't lie, I was sad to see them go... I am very happy all 5 grew up and were able to fly away, but sad they're gone. Here are the last few photos of them

They were so cute when they opened their eyes.

It seemed a bit cramped in the nest...I mean I love my sisters, but I am not sure I'd want to be THAT close to them :)

They are a few days old here 

I got dive bombed by daddy bird trying to get a few of these pictures, he was very protective ;) 

Sadly, the last photo of the birdies, they flew off the next day

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