Monday, March 12, 2012

Moved to dirt...

Well I had to move three of my tomato seedlings to dirt tonight.... they were just getting too tall to be under the grow lamp and they were obstructing some of the smaller seedlings for getting the light.  I'll replace the pods with some new seeds tomorrow.

I hope they do okay in the dirt, I expect they'll wilt a bit at first as they're growing more sturdy roots, but hopefully not too bad. Here are the three of them, they're 4 week old seedlings...

4 week old tomato seedlings 

Here is a shot of my seedling obsession (yes it is an obsession) mind you I have a postage stamp sized rented yard, and a 10x10 community plot, so not a lot of room. I'll be giving away some seedlings this year to friends and co-workers. I think as of right now i have over 100 seedlings growing or germinating in my upstairs hallway.

A shot of a fraction of my seedlings

What the above picture doesn't show you, is the three jiffy green house boxes with over 36 more seedlings, plus the 3 new ones I bought today to grow a few more seeds. 

I can't help it, I love watching plants grow from seeds to full grown and providing vegetables and fruit and flowers for us to enjoy! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Little Spring Indoors

Yesterday was the Mid-Atlantic Home and Garden show in Virginia Beach.  I love Home and Garden shows. The gardens are always my favorite part. I love the displays the landscape companies put together. The time and effort that must go into them, only to be torn down 3 days later.   But I do love walking through all of them, and sitting and imagining they're my back yard.

This show was way more home than garden. I got to say, I drove about 90 minutes to get there (thank you traffic on the bridge tunnel no matter what time of day it seems like) and was a little disappointed.  There were very few display gardens (2-3 I think) and there were even fewer vendors there selling anything garden related.

Even the stage shows were mostly home related. I purposely missed the Sabrina Soto stage show (she's from HGTV) I actually love her shows, but the thought of the crowds made it less appealing. There were no garden talks that I saw on the schedule for Saturday. I would have loved to attend a talk on planting edibles in your yard etc...

I was able to get these adorable little crocus flowers in a small pot. So it made the drive worth it...sort of.

How were the Home and Garden shows in your regions?