Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vanilla Sunday - Atlanta Botanical Gardens

I had what my boyfriend likes to call a "bing" moment... where he can see the light bulb turn on in my head. I thought I knew where vanilla came from, the vanilla bean. What I guess I had never though about was where that bean came from. I also knew there was a vanilla orchid, but it never occurred to me the two might be related.... so thanks to my favorite place here in Atlanta, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, I learned that vanilla comes from an Orchid...don't I feel silly now. 

One of the advantages of being an "urban" gardener is the proximity to everything the city has to offer... in Atlanta that means the Botanical Gardens.  They what I will miss most about this city.  Once a year they have an "Orchid" exhibit. It is absolutely breathtaking. I do think last years was a bit more extravagant, but none the less still an amazing exhibit.

Even the containers in the garden
are beautiful to look at
Since my own garden is in transition and getting ready for the move (more on that later this week) I thought a little tour through the Orchid Exhibit might be nice.  I'm still working on getting pictures into the layout....please bear with me :-)

Entrance to the Botanical Gardens

Lovely fountain with the Atlanta Skyline
in the background

The Tulips are beginning to bloom 

There were hundreds of orchids through
out the entire conservatory

Orchid in front of a fountain

View of the garden with the skyline

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