Friday, March 11, 2011


Hello!!!! Welcome to my blog! My name is Ali and I love to garden.  I dream of a large plot of land where I can grow everything my heart desires, a large cedar green house to tinker around in.... but alas, I live in the city in an town house. I am currently getting ready to move from Georgia to Virginia, but will simply be relocating to another town the dream remains just that, a dream! 

In the meantime, I find creative ways to indulge my habit.....I mean hobby. 

I especially love growing edibles...herbs and veggies. But I'm hoping to experiment with some flowers and succulents as well. 

So if you're interested in gardening, urban gardening, container gardening or hydroponics, I look forward to sharing these adventures with you!! 

This is a cute little purple flower from my hydropinically grown chili pepper plants...can't wait until it turns into a purple chili pepper!! 

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