Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Visitors

So I don't usually post two back to back picture posts only, but I hope you'll bear with me...this one was just too adorable not to share!

I went to go take down a hanging basket on my front porch because it died in the last round of storms and I found this little surprise. I had seen a bird fly out of there once, but had no idea...

Robins Nest in my front porch hanging basket

I found this!! I immediately hung it back up and dead flowers or not, its staying there until the little robins are born and fly away! Mama flew back to the nest while I was outside. My neighbor told me she saw the Mama huddled up there during the storms that blew through and was swinging in the wind... I'm hoping to hear 5 little birds soon!!

Mama bird sitting vigil


  1. on our back porch light we had a nest for many years. I would wait until they raised their young. Many people would say, "Oh that looks so ugly", I did not care it was their home...I admire you for letting the birds stay...they are what make our yards come alive!
    I love the little green critter before, wow..we dont' have any pretty ones like that...pretty neat! :-) roberta

  2. Hi Roberta! I just love watching from my window and seeing Mama keeping watch. She rode out our storms this afternoon here...I wish I could bring her inside :o)

    The little green one surprised me :O) I didn't expect to find a frog there.