Monday, April 4, 2011

Win some Colonial Seeds!

I feel bad that I've been absent for over a week, 1st week of a new job keeps you busy I guess. But no excuses...

As a thank you for sticking with me and reading my ramblings I'd like to offer a little contest

The weather here in the Colonial Triangle has been crazy to say the least....snow and sleet one day and 87 degrees the next, what few plants I do have going are getting confused...not to mention the 40mph winds on my young plants. I think I'll be waiting a few more weeks before planting much more, just to be safe.

So in the absence of my own garden I went to Colonial Williamsburg this weekend to visit theirs! (If I didn't have to dress up like the 1800s I might consider a second job there, its a wonderful place.)

Here are a few pictures of it! I'll go back often and I'm sure as the season goes on the garden will change!

Ok ok, onto the contest ....

Leave a comment with a topic you'd like me to tackle, it can be anything remotely related to gardening. The 1st person to leave a topic suggestion (hey its the first contest so we'll go with the first comment) will win two (1 herb or veggies & 1 flower) packets of Colonial Seeds. These seeds have been descended from the original gardens in Williamsburg

Have fun and I look forward to your topics!


  1. Of course, for indoor houseplants I would suggest Aloe, I've got one in my kitchen window that gives me lots of babies and is great if I burn myself cooking. Spider plants will take off in a nice sunny window, again giving you babies to root and start new plants to give or keep. I've had a Christmas Cactus that will bloom for me a few times a year (I let it rest in a dark place for a few months/dry out) then return it to the light.
    I have a sweet potato rooting now to make an indoor ivy in my kitchen. My grandson loves to check out to see the roots each time he visits me. I just took a Mason wide mouth jar then put toothpicks to hold it over the water about half way, changing the water every other day.

  2. Yay thank you, I'm going to have to try those! The sweet potato sounds like fun!! Congrats and thank you for posting! If you email me at the address you'd like the seeds shipped to I'll pick those up this weekend and get them in the mail. Not sure all of what they have there at the Colonial Nursery but let me know if you have any preferences!

    Thanks for reading!!