Thursday, June 16, 2011

Impulse Seed/Plant buys

So what is a gardener stuck in a hotel on business during the most perfect spring/summer week yet to do?? Impulse seed and plant shop online of course :)

I went a little crazy on eBay this week buying as unique seeds and plants as I could find. Luckily I stuck mostly to seeds, they're much cheaper :)

So the results of my shopping spree

- Dragons Blood Sedum (seeds)
- Queen Red/Lime Zinnia (seeds)
- Za'atar (seeds)
- Wasabi (seeds)
- Pear Mint (plant)

Okay I admit the Wasabi might be a bit of a stretch, but I am always up for a challenge and love growing unique things :)

So is it just me, or does anyone else do impulse seed/plant shopping?? :)

Glad to be heading back to my garden tomorrow, luckily I have a great neighbor keeping it watered while I'm gone :)

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