Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Little Spring Indoors

Yesterday was the Mid-Atlantic Home and Garden show in Virginia Beach.  I love Home and Garden shows. The gardens are always my favorite part. I love the displays the landscape companies put together. The time and effort that must go into them, only to be torn down 3 days later.   But I do love walking through all of them, and sitting and imagining they're my back yard.

This show was way more home than garden. I got to say, I drove about 90 minutes to get there (thank you traffic on the bridge tunnel no matter what time of day it seems like) and was a little disappointed.  There were very few display gardens (2-3 I think) and there were even fewer vendors there selling anything garden related.

Even the stage shows were mostly home related. I purposely missed the Sabrina Soto stage show (she's from HGTV) I actually love her shows, but the thought of the crowds made it less appealing. There were no garden talks that I saw on the schedule for Saturday. I would have loved to attend a talk on planting edibles in your yard etc...

I was able to get these adorable little crocus flowers in a small pot. So it made the drive worth it...sort of.

How were the Home and Garden shows in your regions?

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