Monday, March 12, 2012

Moved to dirt...

Well I had to move three of my tomato seedlings to dirt tonight.... they were just getting too tall to be under the grow lamp and they were obstructing some of the smaller seedlings for getting the light.  I'll replace the pods with some new seeds tomorrow.

I hope they do okay in the dirt, I expect they'll wilt a bit at first as they're growing more sturdy roots, but hopefully not too bad. Here are the three of them, they're 4 week old seedlings...

4 week old tomato seedlings 

Here is a shot of my seedling obsession (yes it is an obsession) mind you I have a postage stamp sized rented yard, and a 10x10 community plot, so not a lot of room. I'll be giving away some seedlings this year to friends and co-workers. I think as of right now i have over 100 seedlings growing or germinating in my upstairs hallway.

A shot of a fraction of my seedlings

What the above picture doesn't show you, is the three jiffy green house boxes with over 36 more seedlings, plus the 3 new ones I bought today to grow a few more seeds. 

I can't help it, I love watching plants grow from seeds to full grown and providing vegetables and fruit and flowers for us to enjoy! 


  1. Hi! I just found and love your blog. I'm new to seedlings this year and am obsessed as well. I was just wondering how those tomatoes turned out in the dirt. Mine are getting a bit tall too at 4 weeks and I could put them in the dirt (danger of frost long gone) but I'm so afraid to. It can get real hot on some days of spring here in the Carolinas. Keep us updated on how your garden grows :o)

  2. Hi Alicia! Great to hear from you! The tomatoes did great in the dirt! Where in the Carolinas are you? (I spend my weekends in Raleigh and you're right, its already getting hot and humid) if you could put them in bigger pots (or solo cups like I used) and bring them outside for a few hours a day for a week or two you'll give them a better chance to survive. You can control their exposure to the heat and sun that way.

    I'll go out to the garden and take some pics and post an update tomorrow :)

    Good luck, let me know how it goes.