Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Giddy as a Little Girl

So I just had to share, I'm as giddy as a little school girl meeting her favorite star...

On a whim I sent an email to my favorite author Chester Aaron, who I've mentioned before wrote my favorite book (which my copy is extremely well worn) "Garlic is Life"  I thanked him for being such an inspiration for getting me to put some garlic in the ground and I sent him pics of newly harvested bulbs

Today he emailed me back the nicest email.

It was just such a nice thing, I wanted to share with everyone. If you are looking for a good and humorous  garden novel, please check this book out!

Thanks for letting me indulge...



  1. That is exciting! I have not read his book, but will have to check it out on your recommendation.

  2. Ferne- it is one of my very favorites, in fact just started it again. He is such a personable author, reading it feels like being at his kitchen table listening to his stories and of course eating some yummy garlic dishes ;) his email have that same "known ya for ages" tone too.